Others do it so nicely!

Bene Diction Blogs On: He is risen to which I reply "He is risen indeed!"

Richard shows off connexions � Easter morning (no way I am taking a picture of my desk to compete, it is hard enough getting in the room to sit down). Anyway give a choice between "Empty Desk" or "Empty Tomb" then I pick the latter, as I am sure Richard does! (mind you maybe both would be good, have to try the empty desk on day).

May all find the joy of the Risen Christ in their lives.

One thought on “Easter

  1. Richard Hall

    Arr arrr!! I gotcha!!
    The desk picture was posted by mistake, and taken just after I’d put in some new study furniture. It most certainly does not look like that now!
    I’ve since deleted it, and posted the picture I intended, a snap of our sunrise gathering this morning on the beach in Swansea Bay.


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