Improving the chances of snow

If you want to improve the chances of snow at your British home town during the Christmas season I have a simple solution.

Volunteer to drive people down to the Whitechapel Mission in London to cook breakfast for people who are homeless.

I think that since moving to Raunds it has now worked 3 out of 4 Christmases (we didn't book early enough to get a place one year).

Anyway I'll be leaving at 4am in the morning taking a car load of clothes, good and toiletries (and 4 volunteers squashed in) and there is still snow on the roads in Raunds.

Actually, it would probably be better for people who are homeless if I stopped volunteering at Christmas as being homeless when it snows is terrible. Fortunately the Whitechapel Mission have a policy of opening up the Church for people to sleep in when the temperature drops below freezing. A lot of extra work for the staff but infinitely better than even more of their friends dying on the streets (even though I only get to go a few times a year there are people I have known where that has happened).

2 thoughts on “Improving the chances of snow

  1. Olive Morgan

    Well done, even if a little hazardour just now. From all accounts, we actually have it worse down here in the South than up in the Midlands, so I pray that your journeys will be free from difficulties. It is good to know that the Mission opens up to provide shelter in the freezing cold.

  2. Dave

    The journey was fine, just took a while to get out of Raunds. Once on the A45 and M1 no problems and London was essentially snow free.


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