Senior Remote

What a good idea (even if well beyond my skills): HOWTO make a Senior Remote with only five big, friendly buttons – Boing Boing.

We get continual problems with my Mother-in-law as she has two remotes (cable box and TV set). Stupid issues such as two independent volume controls, two independent channel selectors etc).

As she was on a different system before she moved and as aerial coverage is poor here we can’t go for a TV with integrated freeview.


3 thoughts on “Senior Remote

  1. tim bulkeley

    An MP3 player in a larger case with big buttons would be good too. In that case probably either more buttons or a bigger screen would help too. I wonder why this market is not being tapped? It seems a case where simple “market forces” could actually work for good – but somehow they don’t!

  2. tim bulkeley

    That’s one use, another is to put PodBible on for those with bad eyesight, another less religious is to put selections of Librivox recordings on… the possibilities are if not endless huge. I am sure there could be a market to profitably sell the things if someone would make them for just a bit more than an ordinary cheap player.


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