Christmas connections

Warning: The connection between these items may only exist in my mind ;-)

The World of Software development continues to worry about little things (and I know how much I love to do that too, maybe it is just escapism). The Philosopher’s Song [] shows how programmers argue about little details in their eagerness to show their choice is the best (while often ignoring any bigger picture – in this case the dramatic shifts towards Dynamic Languages and Unit Testing).

Christians are no better. This year we have seen loads of arguments about Bible Translations (clearly my favourite must be the best for you too). A useful page on one of the issues is at Better Bibles Blog: Which Bible versions are in church English? (and that blog has a lot of good stuff).

When it comes to the big picture we often miss it in transport too: See velorution: African horns.

One person who has always impressed me with his understanding of the big picture is Tom Peters. tompeters! A Touch of Thoughtfulness from Thee & Me is worth reading to see why he wrote about a vebal explosion and then said:

Enjoy the season of rejoicing, and at least for the Christians among
us, think long & hard about the beliefs concerning the needy that
the guy whose birthday is coming up pronounced upon so passionately.

For some practical advice on how get to get moving, to break the log jam in our own minds as well as the world see Tell Us What to Do!. I am certain the advice works in other areas of concern as well.

Well that was a nice quick way to get rid of a whole set of things I wanted to blog on, in one easy step.

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