Denying reality: Weblogs and Christian Peacemaker Teams

Some weblog authors seem to have a slender grip on reality. See SoCalPundit � Remember Those Kidnapped “Peace Activists”?.

Some very naive peace activist came up with this idea: Let’s pretend we
have been kidnapped and then have the “insurgents” who “captured” us
demand the release of all Iraqi prisoners for our lives!

There is a long tradition of Christians acting for peace (starting with
Christ) and a long history of attacks for that. Anyway in this case
there are better sources of information. Two I have found useful are FaithInSociety and Ekklesia – a UK think tank and news service on theology and public life.

This history of CPT work in Iraq demonstrates the long term commitment of CPT and their staff.

What a pity that so many Americans are unwilling to acknowledge that
their country (like my own) does not always live up to their dream and
vision of it and instead assume anyone criticising the US is wrong and
anti American. It would be wonderful if the US did live up to its
promise and rhetoric (for democracy, freedom, justice, human rights,
unified diversity). Until then CPT and others are needed (and will
probably be vilified).

For a really important example of more concerns with the US that needs to be widely reported and understood see Schneier on Security: The Security Threat of Unchecked Presidential Power.

I think my earlier posts 42: Call to allow teen pub drinking and 42: Cycle for Privacy are small examples that indicate that the UK also has deep problems that we need to sort out. Pretending that they don’t exist and that all is perfect in the UK and US is dangerous for ourselves and for the way we treat others.

One thought on “Denying reality: Weblogs and Christian Peacemaker Teams

  1. John

    As I’ve written, it would be a lot easier to take the CPTers seriously if they condemned violence universally, instead of selectively.
    True pacifists are noble (if often misguided) people. Alas, CPT is not such an organization.


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