Difference between new blogs now and 7 years ago

I started this blog in August 2003, just over 7 years ago and my new cycling blog in August this year.

I am finding the differences interesting.

The most obvious difference is in how people get to the blog. In the old days :-) it was all about getting linked from other blogs. You did this through

  • your blogroll (hoping to get others to include you in their blogroll)
  • commenting on other blogs with the url of your blog.
  • Linking to plenty of other blogs in your posts

Nowadays the focus for getting people to read your blog is all on Twitter and Facebook. Actually, mostly Twitter which is the largest referrer by some margin.

Obviously the blogging technology has also moved on a lot. One thing that has made a significant difference is the ease of getting photos and cycle routes onto the blog from my phone (htc Desire which I still love).

All in all I suppose the key change is that a blog can't stand alone in the way it used to. Fortunately, it doesn't have to :-)

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