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Well how about that, a direct reply from Danese in “DivaBlog: More on Conversation” to my post “42: DivaBlog: is Executive Blogging enough?”

Danese asks:

Glad its making you happy, David, (and that our comments are giving you tips, etc.). Now, how can we make sure that others find that tip now that its surfaced?

I have 2 quick answers:

Technically: Google
Socially: Commitment

Basically people will find what they need through a whole range of techniques in the short term (RSS feeds, blog rolls – the whole blogsphere). In the long term the more answers that are put out into more places the greater the chance of someone finding what they want through a search engine. Once they get to John’s comment through a search engine (whether it be blog specific or not) then they have the links right there all the way to the SunRay page. Now that just would not have happened without blogs. In the old days the only links to SunRays would be Suns own pages, press releases and “magazine” articles. Now by being “out there” suddenly a whole lot of new people are going to find out about Sun and the cool stuff it does. On a weblog like mine that will include a wide variety of cyclists, python enthusiasts and others. It means that tips about SunRays are going to appear in whole new search contexts that means they will be found by different people and in different ways. Mainly though it is more likely to be found by people who were not expecting to find it and by those who were very specifically looking for a very tight match to their need.

Then on the less technical side what will it take. Well this will require continued commitment in all kinds of ways from lots of levels within Sun. That will be priorities in time, money and opportunity costs and all for the long term. It will mean continued commitment even when some bad stuff gets out, when people make mistakes, when people attack you or whatever. It means already busy people opening up, standing above the parapit and that is not always easy. It means an investment in taking time to respond and be polite.

But basically I would not worry about people finding out. I guess the problems are more going to feel like being out of control of a rollercoaster.

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