Is it time to move on from bloglines?

I have been using bloglines for several years now. But recently it has had a number of problems. Is it time to change and if so to what?

Sam Ruby has been highlighting a number of problems with Bloglines (and others) on the technical side with feeds it fails to handle properly and security issues.

However, recently performance also seems to have been somewhat problematic. Firstly, it is taking a long while for posts to show up at all. Secondly, pages are failing to load (which is annoying as it first marks the posts as read and then fails to actually load them).

I have been very happy with a hosted solution, but realistically it is not so important to me these days. I use my Sun Ray for 99.9% of my internet access whereas in the past I was split between home and office with 2 desktops and a laptop.

So, I guess I’ll need to start looking again.


I am trying Liferea at present. All my subscriptions have come in ok and it has collected all the feeds. I’ll write later on how well it works.

Will have to move my blogroll off Bloglines (pity that was one of the really nice features of bloglines).

Of course the installation was typically easy. All I did was open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install liferea

[Update 2]

Bloglines have a news item on todays problems.

[Update 3]

I decided to upgrade my liferea to the latest release by building from the source code. I have to install 2 supporting pacvkages using the synaptic GUI application: gconf2-dev and gtkhtml2-dev (which automatically installed 33 dependencies). The I did the following (all documented on the liferea site):

  1. download the source tarball from the SourceForge project page
  2. extract it with:
    tar zxvf liferea-1.0.9tar.gz
  3. open up a terminal window in that directory
  4. type: ./configure
  5. type: make
  6. type: sudo make install
  7. Hey presto. Done.

Oh and another advantage of Free Software. 10 releases since 23rd December 2005! Talk about dynamic projects.

Oh and of course no pressure to upgrade, no cost to upgrade, direct communication with the developers available, open bug lists, …

2 thoughts on “Is it time to move on from bloglines?

  1. DaveW

    Depending on the ordering of your html it should be possible to get the rest of your content loaded first. Or call the function that loads the blogroll from the onloaded event so that it is only called after everything else. Or have a script on the server call and cache it. Or don’t use it :-)


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