I have been a bit slow to do this but Rachel tagged me in Re-vis.e Re-form: LOVE LINK for Link love so here
are Rachel’s latest postees websites, followed by my ten latest postees
websites. Your job is now to do the same, if I’ve linked to you. This,
whilst giving exposure to sites we might not have come across before,
is also revealing how some of us really are in network with each other.

Rachel’s latest 10 postees’ websites:

Chipping Away At Chuchianity
Bishop Alan
Fibre fairy at Strands of Life
David Rudel at Fire in the Bones
Dave Warnock at 42
Singing Owl at The Owl’s song
John Richardson at The Ugley Vicar
Peter Kirk at Gentle Wisdom
Tim Goodbody at Friends Meeting House
Fibre Fairy at Strands of Life

My latest 10 posters:

Rhea from hubbaduh’s Xanga Site.
Pam from PamBG’s Blog.
Hannah from We Mixed Our Drinks.
Mad Priest from Of course, I could be wrong….
Jack from ClobberBlog.
Will from Ramblings from Red Rose.
Peter from Gentle Wisdom.
Mark Adam but no blog so does not count
Josh from Josh
Jon from Men: Leave Church – Encouraging all single men to leave the churches.
Sheryl Anderson but no blog so does not count
Sam from Elizaphanian.

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