Love my job

A good week so far.

Today for example I got to spend time this morning with PJ and KG praying & thinking together about prayer plus finishing the service planning for Sunday.

This afternoon I did some more visiting including our oldest member at over 100, then I went to Thrapston and was encouraged by time with Ray working on Safeguarding policies, Church Council agendas, vision and generally getting briefed on what is happening there.

This evening was the Circuit Local Preachers meeting, the team of worship leaders from Raunds were there in force and livened things up somewhat ;-)

Done a fair few updates on the Raunds Church site, but I have not got quite what I want design wise. 2 columns of variable height with the width of the left column set in em’s so that it will resize with the font. Trouble is that I can’t get the column borders how I like them. I want them to work whichever column is the longest. Hope to get some photos on Sunday (which reminds me, I need to prepare some permission forms).

Tomorrow is a District training day for probationers and then the Circuit meeting in the evening. H’mm got to finish preparing for Sunday evening at Great Park Street, Wellingborough too.

Yesterday I joined the Tuesday Fellowship group for lunch and prayer before hospital and home visits.

Other things have been progressing too, PW has been updating the pastoral care system so that is ready to go out. LR has a new banner which will be used at the table top sale on Saturday. Today RC has gone to Kosova on a trip with Smile (looks like he has a very busy schedule). KG is off to the US to help churches out in the Biloxi area at the end of the month.

I read somewhere about small churches having an impact far out of proportion to their numbers, from what I can see Raunds should be rocking on its foundations ;-)

The only problem is the things that I am not getting around to but want to, filing is one of them, finishing the cat 5 wiring at home is another. I think the grass needs cutting too. Oh and the coat hooks fell off the wall the day before yesterday. Fun and games all round.

One thought on “Love my job

  1. rev mommy

    Hey, Dave, I am so glad.
    There are days when the life of a pastor has to be the best life ever. And days where it totally isn’t. But the blessings usually far outweigh the rest of the stuff.
    I have a couple of good friends from the states taking pulpits over on that side of the pond. Look after them, OK? Larry and Joshua.


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