Methodist General Secretary endorses blogging for proclamation

I got one of my favourite mailings from the Methodist Church today. It is the one that comes once per quarter with my payslip – whoo hoo!

As normal it included a letter from Rev David Deeks, current General Secretary and Secretary of the Conference (most senior permanent position in the Methodist Church in Great Britain).

He writes about the "ministry of the Word" and reflects on a  variety of ways in which this can happen. Blogging gets a mention, oh we are so official now! No doubt any future Methodist Worship Book will include a service of recognition for Bloggers.

I guess that David has been influenced by the effective blogging of our President (and the next General Secretary), Martyn Atkins and the Vice President, Ruby Beech. See their blog here. However, it seems that David could do with spending a little more time with Ruby to learn something about facebook and the large Methodist Group there.

On the other hand I suggest nobody tells  David about twitter or he will have to add a new bottom to his range of communication that currently stretches from incessant chatter to silence .

More seriously David is recognising something that is being recognised widely within the Methodist Church. The "ministry of the Word" is central to Methodism and is being tackled in an every increasing  number of ways by the Church. More to be done but lots already in play.

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