No conspiracy here

Just to reassure everyone that there is no conspiracy here.

Yesterday Gil left a comment on the post 42: New Frontiers and Women. It shows up in the list of recent comments, it shows up in the comment feed, I got a copy by email and it is in the management interface as a visible comment. However, it does not appear to be displayed on the actual post itself. I have no idea why, other more recent comments on other posts are displaying fine.

Anyway the comment was:

Hi Dave, what has happened to a whole load of other posts made on this subject. They seem to has gone ?

    * Commenter name: gil

My response is that I have not deleted any posts, I have looked through the lists of posts and don’t think there are any missing. Google shows quite a few related posts from me: New Frontiers Women – Google Search. Anyone else think something has got lost?

While looking at this I realised that I had not responded to the last couple of comments on the post from
Blue, with a hint of amber and Chris E. So I am writing a post to address their concerns with "scriptural principles"

3 thoughts on “No conspiracy here

  1. Blue, with a hint of amber

    Hi Dave,
    I am certain that there is no conspiracy!
    But just a skim of that thread shows me about 50 comments, while it says there should be 96?
    I think the discussion went beyond where it currently ends, but can’t really remember.
    I don’t think the previous last post on there was July 15th – I am sure there have been more since then.

  2. Dave Warnock

    Ah ha,
    I think typepad has started dividing comments onto multiple pages but is not showing the links to navigate between the pages – or something.
    I’ll look into it.


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