Playing catch-up

Crazy times around here and trying to get my head above the water.

We took advantage of 2 boys on Scout Camp to get a few days off – Cornwall turned out to be rather wet, but a caravan for 5 is spacious for 3. Of course it also meant more time in cream tea shops than cycling and it shows.

We discovered the joys of making overnight halts in motorway services, great to allow us to miss the traffic. So we left home at 10:30pm on Sunday, after 3 farewell services at St Paul’s and then got some sleep at the Exeter services from sometime after 2am letting us arrive at a campsite above Penryn (wow what a small lane and gate!) late Monday morning without seeing any queues.

We popped in to see the guys at ICE and came away with some bits to get
the Trets back on the road (corroded gear cable and a bent deraillier).
They are really, really busy. Had to be quick as Jane started drooling
over the standard models when she saw the price.

We had to be home by 4pm on Saturday so left after 5pm on Friday (yes, just made it out the gate at the 3rd attempt) and stopped at Fleet services on the M3 so that we could be first in-line for Legoland on Saturday. Being able to make a cup of coffee (easier and less messy if the whole jar had not fallen out of the high locker when I opened it) and eat breakfast while stopped at the still locked gate was a nice use of the caravan.

We left legoland at about 1pm and were held up a bit on the M25 (first queue of the holiday) which meant we were still on the M25 when we got a call to say the Scouts were back a bit early, anyway we arrived not too late in very heavy rain.

Saturday evening was a farewell social at St Pauls for Terry and Dawm, we did not manage to stay to the end as we decided it was time to leave when one son went to sleep on the floor in the welcome hall.

Today was Terrys leaving service plus a wonderful (African) meal after church celebrating the confirmation of Y and R.

Now we are trying to get stuck into the fact we are moving house at the weekend and can’t ignore the size of the jobs list anymore. Loads I want to blog about but time is the problem, had to get everyone else out of the way in bed to get peace to write this.

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