Ringstead day

Wow five days without a post. Lots happening.

Today seems to have been a Ringstead day which was good. The day started with Monday prayers which is a good way to start the week.

Then a quick tidy up and shop before Rosemary, the Baptist pastor from the Shared Church in Ringstead, came over for lunch. Very useful time learning more about everything Ringstead related and getting to know Rosemary better.

This evening was then a Churches Together meeting for Ringstead which was very positive and seems to be moving forward on quite a few fronts. It looks like being an exciting time ahead.

Not much blogging recently, Friday was another busy day off with a trip to London, a funeral visit and a quick trip to Kettering hospital (but don’t tell the superintendent ;-) I will take time off in lieu I promise.

Saturday was excellent. A prayer breakfast at 8:30 (the hour not much fun but the prayer and food was good), nice to join a prayer meeting that has been running continually for 5 years. Then re-arranging the church for the harvest service on Sunday. We moved the altar table forward (or do I mean backward?) quite a bit which meant I could hide the computer projector underneath it. That meant arranging the chairs in almost a semi circle – it all seemed pretty nice anyway.

After that I joined the last hour or so of the table top sale in the town square. Not many stalls (just us and the brownies) but thanks to PJ we had a lot of stuff and lots of people stopped for a chat. It was the first outing for the new banner that Les has got sorted out and it looked good.

Next stop was the welcome BBQ, it would have been last week but Synod was in the way. Far too much food so we all got rather stuffed. The kids went swimming (outside and unheated = crazy and cold kids, but they seemed to enjoy it) while we had a good social time.

On Sunday we had a full church, even putting out some extra chairs. It is great to be the minister in a church which has a talented worship group and worship leaders as it really helps make worship special. I used slightly different software to what I have done in the past. Most of the service was OpenOffice.org Impress but I then switched to Google’s picaso for a slide show while we received the gifts – probably had the slides changing a bit too frequently. My sister in law had sent me a whole load of what I would normally dismiss as arty farty photos, but in fact they were perfect for this occasion.

Sunday evening I was at Great Park Street in Wellingborough for a nice small and intimate service. A bit envious because they have new TNIV pew bibles, very sensibly they have bought a large print edition for the lecturn rather than the very expensive lecturn edition. I suspect we would need quite a number of the large print edition anyway as the print in the standard pew bible is pretty small. The GNB/TEV pew Bibles have a much better print size, it is a pity the TNIV has not followed that example.

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