Trying to be a good boy ;-)

I have decided to try again at trying to get a bit better together. So little or no coffee with Caffeine, going to bed and getting up at sensible times, keeping up-to-date with essays, losing weight etc etc.

How is today going?

Well I have been working on my essay, due in on Tuesday. Making progress so it should be done, but it is very hard to do at a weekend with the kids around. Hopefully will not require too much in the way of late nights.

I have been to the gym today, not admitting how long since I last went.

Not eaten too much, maybe because the kitchen was bare after being away.

But some distractions ;-(

Went and looked at the HP Velotechnik Grasshopper pages as I feel that I do really need 2 wheels as well as 3 for ease of getting around town. I tried my old MTB now kitted out as a road commuiting bike for Andrew during our time at centre parcs and it reminded me of the nice bits of 2 wheels but also the discomfort. So a 2 wheel recumbent it needs to be and the grasshopper looks like a good option although definately not cheap. I went to Bikefix and priced up a fully specced version for winter use (Rohloff, hub dynamo etc) and it was over £3,000 so maybe not this week – or for that matter next week either ;-)

As the centre parcs place we were at was so good for sailing it reminded me how much I like sailing so I got distracted by the very nice Woods Sango. There is even one professionally built for sale. Oop’s there goes some more essay writing time.

Then I spent some time catching up on all the blog reading that had stacked up in bloglines and got sidetracked into finding out a little about podcasting which looks like being a great way to go for Church Services and Bible Readings. That made me go and check on the NetBible as that sounds a good place to start for this. Turns out they already have an MP3 audio version for sale so maybe they won’t be interested in allowing it to be put up on web sites for general download.

Over tea we caught up with critical TV programmes we had recorded. So it was Scrapheap Challenge which is gentle good fun that all here enjoy.

Since then I started a background download of Gentoo linux as I noticed that there latest (from July) version seems to support Firewire cdroms and good power management (which I need for my Sony Vaio).

Now everyone else is going to bed so I will have a little later night and see if I can crack the next bits of my essay. BACK TO WORK (that was shouting at me not you ;-)

2 thoughts on “Trying to be a good boy ;-)

  1. Andrea

    Just a thought: have you tried riding a Pedersen? Very comfortable and an excellent ride. Of course aerodinamics is not as good as the grasshopper, but the price is sensible.

  2. DaveW

    Nope I have not tried a Pedersen, but I have seen them and it does make sense that they should be more comfortable than most uprights.
    Can they handle a couple of panniers?


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