TypePad’s New Technorati Tag Feature

This is handy TypePad Hacks: Use TypePad’s New Technorati Tag Feature to Embed Tags in Your Blog Posts Without Editing HTML.

But why, oh why don’t they add this (and the ability to set multiple categories and edit trackbacks) to the quickpost form! Now every post I start in quickpost I need to save as draft and then go into the main edit page, add the tags (and multiple categories, possibly change the trackbacks), set it to publish instead of draft and save again – Aaarggghh!!!

4 thoughts on “TypePad’s New Technorati Tag Feature

  1. john t unger

    Hi Dave,
    I’ve always found that the quickpost bookmarklet is better suited to drafts for edit than full posts… but then, I tend to do a lot of styling on many of my posts.
    It’s still a bit of a timesaver, which is cool, but I think what it’s really intended to accomplish is to make reposting material or linkblogging easier.

  2. DaveW

    I understand that, it is just that most of my posts are in response to something so quickpost just seems a simple way to start (picks up trackbacks automatically for example).

  3. john t unger

    I’d forgotten about the auto-trackback feature. That *is* usefull.
    And yeah, quickpost is a good way to begin a post in response, as you say.
    Right now, most of my posts are done in a combination of TypePad, Ecto and Dreamweaver, bouncing between the three to take advantage of the strongest features of each. It’s *not* an ideal workflow, but it does get me what I want.

  4. DaveW

    I find the main limitation of 99% of blogging clients is the lack of support for extended posts. I like the way wordpress handles this.
    I do very little in formatting, just too lazy :-)


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