Version 3 of Methodist Social Media Guidelines open for editing

Ok everyone, last chance to improve the Methodist Social Media Guidelines.

Time to put up or shut up :-)

I have again updated the unofficial version for you to edit. As before I will give anyone who asks permission to edit this document (if you have already asked then you still have permission to continue) and Toby Scott will get all the changes passed onto him. The read-only official version is also available if you prefer.

This has not been a very long process, that was inevitable given that the next Methodist Council is the weekend after Easter. However, this has been something of a first in terms of openness and transparency in forming Methodist policy. I have been pleased to see how the suggestions made in the unofficial version have been adopted into the official version.

While these guidelines are not going to be perfect or all that the various online communities would like to see, I believe they are a great deal better than what was originally presented and move us in a helpful direction.

For earlier discussion see 42.Version 2 of Methodist Social Media Guidelines open for editing

4 thoughts on “Version 3 of Methodist Social Media Guidelines open for editing

  1. Alan Jenkins

    It’s all well and good saying “add comments in green”. Dave, but to those of us who are colour blind (like me) this is not only less than helpful (I can’t see the comments in green, much less read them – I know they must be there, because of gaps in the text, but what they say is beyond me – but may even be chromaticist. Or something which makes me a victim, with hurt feelings that must be assuaged in order that we all stay PC, and onside, etc. Or whatever… seriously, can’t see light green on white!

  2. Mattwardman

    Usually a quick workaround for these situations – and to display the text in redacted documents if done by official bodies sometimes :-) – is to do a CTRL-A, which selects it all with a black background, so you can see the letters.
    Not a solution of course, and the answer is a colour change as Dave has done, but sometimes useful.


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