Warning instability ahead

I am about to spend some time playing with 42. I want to try some of the newer features of typepad. So somethings may look odd or not work for a while.


Well I am not that excited by the look yet, so that will still change.

The category and comment feeds are broken at the moment – I am in the process of moving them to Atom from RSS and also will be publishing them via feedburner. Don’t change your settings yet.

7 thoughts on “Warning instability ahead

  1. Sally

    Ah welcome to the crazy ranks of the template switchers…
    I like the new colour scheme today- will it be different tomorrow???

  2. DaveW

    Who can tell. The pain is that I use the advanced templates so that I can do things like have a comment feed. That means it is not point and click to change theme.
    But I am planning to play more than before.

  3. Peter Kirk

    I found myself reloading your front page because it looked as if I was seeing only the left hand sidebar and not the main content. Only then did I discover that the main content was hidden several screenfuls down, underneath a whole lot of links. You need more work on this!

  4. DaveW

    Yeah, that was a styling aberation for a while.
    The recent comments is not updating correctly at the moment and a few other issues. Still coming on.


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