What goes on my blogroll?

In John Clingan’s Weblog: The Politics of Blogging John asks the question:

But I do have to ask the question since I am a relatively new blogger – is there a line that tends to be drawn in these situations? Do you know of cases where disagreements in views outweigh the value of linking to a blog?

In my case I am lazy so my blogroll is automatically generated by bloglines, so it is a reflection of what I read. My choice of blogs to read is not limited to authors I agree with or support as I want to make sure I get challenged.

OK maybe this simplistic approach is going too far for many and is quite different to a carefully thought out and very limited list of people I agree with. On the other hand given that you have Tim Bray in your blogroll maybe I will now be concerned that you support emacs as well – oh no I will have to stop reading you both because I decided life was too short to learn emacs ;=)

By the way John your blogroll is displayed twice on the right at the moment.

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