Why Silence?

So I have been silent for a while on 42. Why?

Well firstly, family life has been busy. We had a half-term holiday a week ago but stayed at home doing jobs around the house. Made some progress at making it seem like we have fully moved in and unpacked (and even put things away) which is about time given we have been here for 18 months.

Secondly, work too has been pretty busy. Got all the paperwork completed for the probationers committee, now preparing for lent groups starting this week (four different groups with different courses). Not all sweetness and light though with a funeral last week and this.

But really none of that is a reason for my going quiet. Instead I have found the work that I have been doing as part of my probationer studies which has required a lot of reading and writing has rather silenced my public voice.

Still maybe I’ll now be able to get back to writing. I have already written a few posts on my cycling blog  Cycle Life so see What type of cyclists? and Cycling around Cambridge (UK).

2 thoughts on “Why Silence?

  1. Dave Warnock

    Richard, The lent groups sounds worse than it is.
    One Lent group is self-organised, I just attend to learn (Stanwick on Tuesdays)
    Two Lent groups are on the same night. I will lead one session for one of them and two for the other (Wednesdays: Ringstead on Slavery and Thrapston on Reconciliation).
    For last lent group (in Raunds) I led the first one with my own story last night. We will then have some group discussions for the last two, but for the next two I can go and listen to Shena (CoE) and Brian’s (RC) stories.
    Good number last night (around 20) which was encouraging.


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