Internet Explorer usage falls below 50%

This Internet Explorer usage falls below 50% is actually big news and good news.


Over a few years the market share of the "other" web browsers has rocketed. That process was really started by free software by Mozilla (now Firefox) while others have come on board more recently, notably Google with Chrome.


The effect has been good for everyone. Internet Explorer has been massively improved in recent years and is becoming far more standards compliant.


Free Software is good for everyone, even those who never use it.

One thought on “Internet Explorer usage falls below 50%

  1. Will C

    Hurrah! \o/ Although having said that, the bigger battle now is for better mobile compliant sites (and indeed, mobile browsers). I still get so-called “design agencies” who think its a good idea to do everything in Flash…
    IE6 still continues to be a headache, despite the minority role it now plays.


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