More fun and progress with Mbrship

I have had some more time playing with and so there is progress to report.


This is going well, the fun factor is high as I hoped.

I did join the mailing list but the volume was so high (with well mannered and helpful responses) that I have found it a much better use of time to find things from the book Agile Web Development with Rails, Rails Recipes and from Google.

I have a couple of tables with forms and have also been able to get into custom pretty url’s. All with very little code (I think less than 10 lines of ruby: rake stats does not give a clear picture due to the majority of code being generated automatically) and a little bit of html.

TextDrive Hosting is hosted on TextDrive and so I have been playing with that a little. So far I have

Mbrship Project

I have been doing some sketch design and have written a blog entry on where I am up to (see mbrship: Initial Design with data model).

Next step is to get the relationship between People and Churches to work automatically.

2 thoughts on “More fun and progress with Mbrship

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