Moving away from Windows

There has been a fair bit of agreement with my post 42: The Church should be moving away from Windows in preparation for the late arrival of Windows Vista. See

One of the trends that I have been following and supporting for a long while is the move to web based applications. These of course make our operating systems far less significant and are a key reason why it is easier than ever to switch to Linux from Windows.

Not just windows either. See The Best Mac OS Is Ubuntu via Linux Today – WebProNews: The Best Mac OS Is Ubuntu.

Of course if Churches want to take the suggestion at small ritual: accept salvation, get wifi to provide Wifi networks (and coffee) then Linux is obviously the best way to go (via Why churches should offer wireless internet � The Cartoon Blog by Dave Walker)


Open-Source Advocates: Microsoft’s Development Model Is Failing is a relevant and interesting article, more about licenses than code.

2 thoughts on “Moving away from Windows

  1. DaveW

    Agreed, but of course the cost of accessing web apps is much lower if your operating system is free (and does not require fancy new hardware).


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