ObJectRelationalBridge – OJB 1.0 is released

Well I said it was coming in 42: ObJectRelationalBridge – OJB: preparation for version 1 And now it is here, in the announcement Thomas Mahler said

Dear all,

I’m very happy to announce the final 1.0 release of OJB. After a long series of release candidates we finally got enough confidence in our software to call it “ready for prime time”.

As you can see by our ever growing list of junit tests we pay attention to quality assurance. So the long delay of the 1.0 version was not caused by “laziness” but rather by our intention to deliver a piece of top quality software.

I want to say thanks to all committers and contributors:

You all helped to get OJB production ready!

I also want to thank all users for their patience and I hope you all will be pleased by this 1.0 release!

You can download or read the release notes

[Update] That was a pretty daft last paragraph wasn’t it. Of course you are not limited to those actions. You can also download the source code, access the source code with cvs, read the documentation, join the mailing lists etc etc etc.

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