Presentation Software in preaching

I found The Use of Power Point in Preaching reasonably interesting. Personally I never use power point in services. However, I do often use OpenOffice Impress.

Why OpenOffice Impress?

  • It is free (I can give copies of the program to all church members so they can legally use and contribute to the presentations)
  • It runs on Linux as well as Windows (handy as I mainly use Linux)
  • The Document Format is an open ISO standard (That safeguards my data by ensuring that other applications can use it)

What do I use  OpenOffice Impress for in services?

  • Hymn and Song words (many elderly people find it easier to read than hymn books and you generally get better singing using a projector than books).
  • Liturgy: responsive readings, prayers etc (people don’t get lost as easily, flexible and environmentally friendly)
  • Pictures (mostly during prayers and sermons)
  • Bible Text (for reading & during sermons)
  • Notices

I almost never use it for words during sermons. The only exceptions would be

  • quiz questions in a sermon
  • A few headings to help people can follow structure (I never read these slides)
  • Bible Text
  • Maybe (very occasionally) a relevant quote eg from Martin Luther King Jr.

Hat tip: Transforming Sermons: Pitfalls of PowerPoint.

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