Quixote and WSGI

Some really good news for anyone interested in WSGI is in Diary for titus: WSGI, Quixote, SCGI, QWIP, and SWAP.

Thanks to Titus Brown we now have 2 great new options.

First a new WSGI server using SCGI from the Quixote project and SWAP, the "SCGI-WSGI application p(something)". That may be the best performing WSGI server to date as it uses mod_scgi to talk to apache.

Second a new WSGI framework using  QWIP, the "Quixote-WSGI interface p(something)" we should now be able to run any quixote application on any wsgi server.

I have not yet tested any of this but it is very exciting news.

Many thanks Titus.

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