Ruby stuff

I have been using InstantRails for RubyOnRails development on my laptop (running windows) but that is no longer being developed so I am going to track BitNami :: RubyStack as a replacement.

Really it is just laziness, I can’t find the passwords for configuring the wifi hub, therefore I can’t setup Ubuntu on the laptop to get to the network. Of course it does not take very long to cold reset the wifi hub and then do the configuration again but I have not bothered to get around to it.

I started using the latest Netbeans with excellent Ruby support as my RubyOnRails editor and liked it a lot.

I have also registered myself and a project on, just got to get myself sorted with bazaar and I can put the first code up there.

Hopefully that is enough jargon to mystify all the theology folks who like to spend the rest of the time confusing the rest of us :-)

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