Serving Client-Side Applications

Great article at Serving Client-Side Applications on different models for web applications front ends.

I very much see what Oliver Steele refers to as Model N as the way forward. I have been busy the last few days writing a specification and implementing it for exactly this for a client.

One of the great things is the way it can be used in multiple ways. In this case another web application is using our serverside code to integrate it into another site with a different front end. But the option is there for a Lazlo front end, or a javascript front end or any GUI you like and all onto the same REST based server API.

The ability to code the front end in javascript and potentially Lazlo is really the key step forward for me. The server side is massively simpler and the client much richer for this move away from simple page based applications.

Original link: Marc’s Voice: Serving client-side applications – by Oliver Steele.

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