Sun Rays are boring

Ok, so I have written a fair bit about our Sun Rays before. But not for a while and the reason is that they are boring.

Why boring?

They Disappear

I mean you just don’t see or hear them. The kids use them upstairs and downstairs but I never have to go and fix them or touch them. In my office I forget they are there as they are silent.

They just work

From a support point of view it just feels like I am using my own workstation, I update it and everyone is updated. I improve something and it is improved for everyone.

They are fast

Ever since the issue with the 3com switch was sorted the speed is fantastic, it seems just like a desktop (at least unless you play video which is ok upto about 1/4 screen size). Of course it helps that most of the time I have two 64bit processors nearly to myself (I don’t think the 34 Sugar Quill tabs I noticed Peter has open in Firefox count for much).

We forget about them.

It is just taken for granted now that you can always find a room with a Sun Ray in it, put in your smartcard and carry on from where you left off.

But the problem

is how to not look smug when PC users tell you about their problems.

One thought on “Sun Rays are boring

  1. The Clingan Zone

    Sun Rays are boring

    I never thought I would hear those words, but they can make complete sense. Dave has been running Sun Rays for a while now. Looks like facts and real deployments can defeat those trying to impose a perception.


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