TextDrive lifetime hosting (Round II)

TextDrive lifetime hosting (Round II) looked such good value I bought one myself before telling you about it.

It is now being setup.  Will let you know later how I find it, but all reports I have read are very positive.

The support for Python and long running processes is probably the key attraction for me. Subversion is going to be handy. I am interested in try workpress and maybe textpattern for Church web sites.

Thanks to TextDrive Lifetime Hosting at Forever Geek via Artima Open Source Buzz Forum – TextDrive Lifetime Hosting.

2 thoughts on “TextDrive lifetime hosting (Round II)

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    SchoolTool – SchoolBell Calendar Server

    SchoolTool – SchoolBell Calendar Server looks like it might be ready to depoly as the important missing link for calendars.

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    Playing with 43

    There has been not a lot here for a few days. Work has been pretty hectic and I have also been busy playing at theConnexion.net


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