The end of a SunRay era

For 7 years we have been running a Sun server with SunRay thin clients (see 42: SunRay Server installation).

However, this week the server failed in a major way (power on but nothing at all on the screen and no hard disk activity).


So it is being retired. To an extent we had been expecting to do this. We now have one son already away from home and using a Macbook when he is around. We hope another will go to university in October. Also I am using a laptop much of the time. So the server was no longer making economic sense simply in terms of electricity for only 2 or 3 users.


However, everything has been organised around that server in terms of shared storage, email, printing, … So a lot of reconfiguring in progress. We are going to have a linux file server (a simple Network Attached Storage box). 


I am going to change the firewall to provide more WiFi integration and am thinking of going the whole hog and moving it to OpenBSD as the most secure firewall option there is.


I am also going to be shifting our main domain to google for email (most users have been using gmail to collect the mail from the server anyway).


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